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Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
I have a Cosmos 1000


I want to cool only my CPU.
2 x 120MM Radiator $45

Swiftech MCP655 Pump $65

Apogee GTZ for i7 $50

Swiftech Microres $25

Tubing ~10 foot will give you more than enough, $0.59 / foot

Some additive $3.50

...and some worm clamps from a hardware store. That will get you a nice setup for about $200.

The MCP350 pumps are crap, alot of people will suggest them with the modded tops for more flow, but I've seen my fair share die. I've had 2 go and a few guys I know had theirs die too. The D5 / MCP655 are bullet proof pumps. You could also spend more on a radiator and block, but at some point doubling the $$$ doesn't double the performance. I went from this radiator to a Thermochill PA120.3 and really only dropped a dew degrees ($50 to $120) with a CPU and GPU on it. This setup is a decent price / performance setup.
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