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Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
I am really happy with Windows 7. I've never had an O/S that would fully configure all of my hardware right off the bat. Not only that, it is graphically better than anything that I've used in the past.

Good job, MS!
I was somewhat amazed that not only did my sound work very shortly after windows booted, but it also automatically configured it to use s/pdif. I don't even know how the hell it even detected I use s/pdif to begin with (didn't know it was physically possible to do so,) but it did anyways. Never seen even one OS that just works with my sound setup without any configuration until now.

More impressive yet is that I was able to update all of my drivers (video card, sound card, etc) without a single reboot. Not even linux has the necessary driver architecture to do that these days. Granted the whole scheme where the drivers operate in user mode is something they started with vista, it is improved as hell with windows 7.

I like the way they've redone the taskbar as well. I got my copy of win 7 via the developers conference, and they went into details about how you can tell what the status of the program you are waiting on is without having to bring it forward (provided the programmers take advantage of the api, which microsoft has made very easy to do in the latest versions of its compilers.) Really looking forward to programs that will use it.

That and they finally did away with the quick launch (never did like it) and radically improved how the system tray is handled. Finally an OS that gives you a task bar that manages to be very useful (unlike OSX) while at the same time not being very clunky (e.g. gnome, kde.)
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