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Default Ultimate Edition full screen problem

Hello there everyone.

I have a confusing problem.

I`m using Ultimate Edition 2.3 (Ubuntu based linux), nvidia GeForce Go 7400 (default)(strange - in specifications i saw quadro nvs 110m/120m).
When I start a full screen application like game, it fits to vertical and i can`t see the bottom side => I`m widescreen 1280x800 so if application is 800x600 for example I won`t be able to see the bottom.

my question is if there is anyone to give me a solution how to fit the full screen on horizontal instead of vertical, so I will be able to see the whole content of the application.

P.S. on movies full screen have no problem.

If you need more information just ask (I`m kinda new in linux user)

Thanks in advice.
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