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Originally Posted by piotro View Post
Thx for trying help !
Unfortunatelly patch works only for analog audio.
For SPDIF based systems I' receiving error like below.

IMHO Your patch isn't fully resolving issue - it is rather workaround, as wrong synchronization direction is still present (TV->mplayer playback).

Honestly speaking, I'm little surprised. Design where we are not able to sync display to source is IMHO issue - as long as we want to use VDPAU as support for serious player with no judder, no tearing playback.
As I do not have SPDIF I cannot debug what goes wrong for you.

By sync display to source you mean that if I have a 24.123hz movie the display should be changed to 24.123hz? As most display only allow a few refresh rate settings, this will not work for most displays. The only thing you can do is to adjust movie frame rate to match display refresh rate. That is what my patch tries to do.
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