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Default Re: Upgrading Core2Quad to Corei7, running gtx 275 SLI

Possibility to upgrade to Core i9 sometime in the future is the main reason i would go for x58 and not p55 motherboard.
Just recently I ran across couple of reviews comparing Core i7 to Core2Quad on multi gpu platforms and came to a conclusion that I could gain some additional FPS right now by changing my platform to x58,Core i7 combo, plus I would be ready for future CPU upgrade.
I would really appreciate if someone that recently went from Core2Quad to Core i7 and runs some serious SLI setup at the same time, would share his experience.

EVGA 680i A1,BIOS P30
Core2Quad Q6600 G0 @ 3.6 Ghz (400 x 9), Ultra 120 eXtreme;Vcore 1.4125V
4 x 2GB Super Talent 800 Mhz
Leadtek GTX 275 SLI
WD Raptor 150 GB, WD 1TB SataII x 2
Lite On 20x SATA DVD-RW,Pioneer 111D DVD-RW
TT Toughpower 750W
Antec P180B,6 x 120 mm case fans
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