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Default Re: If nvidia is so confident in there card

Originally Posted by noko View Post
Maybe Nvidia doesn't mind if you buy an ATI card since once the GT300 hits they just know you will immediately ditch it and harness the power that wipes the floor clean with the GT 300 (ahmm not a dust buster joke). I tend to believe that Nvidia quietness at this stage is really a very strong stance of confidence. Maybe time table wise it is a little off but in the end something very good is coming. I may buy an ATI 5970, they appear to be a great card, waiting on the 2gb version and if Nvidia GT300 is great! Buy that too, why not .
I will not buy another card until the GT300 launches or at least we get some reliable info on the card. It's just frustraiting that there is no news. I to believe it will wipe the floor with everything in its path when it launches though.
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