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Default Of partition shuffling and boot managers

I've decided that I like windows 7 so much that I am just going to delete windows XP entirely. I want to reformat that partition entirely and use it for something else (going through and deleting the windows directory, user directories, etc is just a PITA because you have to muck with all of the security settings first.)

One problem though. Given that 7 is installed on the second partition, I don't know what of the windows 7 boot code resides in the partition that XP currently resides on. So what can I do to that second partition and the master boot record to get it so that windows 7 will boot regardless of what happens to that first partition?

I'd rather not redo the disc from scratch as I don't have enough free space to shuffle around some data that I need to hold on to (been moving so much lately that I don't have any of my other computers right now.) That and I have my windows 7 installation in a state that I like perfectly and would rather not have to redo it (although it would be technically "neater" to redo it, I just don't see the need to go out of my way.)

If this were just XP it would be easy, just change some crap in the master boot record with a hex editor. I haven't spent any time researching how windows 7's BCD scheme works though, so I haven't a clue what to do.
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