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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

I hope that wasn't a reply to me, since I thought I made it very clear I was not bashing the devs on their drivers, I was bashing them on their communication (or lack thereof). As I keep saying, I think users will be a lot more forgiving if they had even the slightest clue what is going on and even roughly when it will happen. I can understand keeping big surprises like VDPAU secret, but since they promised us randr 1.2 support almost two years ago we have only had one update progress update, which was basically "it's coming soon", 10 months ago. That is not acceptable for people used to the high level of communication found in most major open-source projects. I know Nvidia's drivers are not open-source, but they are being developed for a group of people for whom almost everything they use else is open-source, so that is the level of communication they are used to and that they expect. I think a big part of the complaints and the call for open-source drivers is from the percieved lack of progress, and the reason there is a percieved lack of progress is because the developers haven't been telling people about the progress they are making. It is also because the developers seem to be ignoring the users. I know they aren't, but their failure to communicate makes it seem that way. Acknowledging that they have heard people's complaints and keeping people up-to-date, even just once a twice a month, on the progress of fixing long-standing issues will go a really long way to keeping users happy (probably including at least some vauge explanation that it is harder than it looks to implement or fix).

That being said, hopefully gallium will make quite a few of the Linux issues obselete. But in the end, Linux is an extremely fast-moving target. This is one of its strengths. Windows users are used to getting a few pieces of information at the launch of a new windows version then hear basically nothing else until a new windows version is about a year out 2 or 3 years later. Linux users gets new Linux versions every couple months, and they expect to get information at a proportionally faster rate.

And I should add that windows certainlly has issues with poorly-coded 3rd-party software, that is hardly an issue limited to Linux.
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