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Default Re: What's the ideal way to get HD video from my DirecTV box to my PC?

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
Component can do up to 1080p, so it might be possible to attempt a playback and record. (Composite is only 480i) Other than that it doesn't appear that you can just dump data from the DirecTV DVR to your pc.

What model DVR do you have? According to Directv the newer models let you simply plug in an external HDD via esata to expand your storage space. You could just get an enclosure and you might be able to swap HDDs around with recordings.
Sorry, what I meant to say is that any video capture cards with component inputs limit the signal to 480i. At least that's the way it was last time I looked for a similar solution. However, I looked around to see if there was anything new and found out that Hauppauge came out with a new unit some months back that can capture HD output (via component/up to 1080i) from cable and satellite boxes.

Here's a review of it. Apparently it works fairly well. The reviews on NewEgg are a bit mixed, though.

At least there's one alternative available now.
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