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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

Good points everybody, just wanted to chime in on this one:

Originally Posted by kRogue View Post
It is nice that AMD is releasing many of the low level specs of their cards, but their GL drivers still suck, be it Windows or Linux. Basically, their GL drivers are made to run ID games well and beyond that it is crossing your fingers.
The Xorg stuff based on that documentation is making fast progress. On my newish ATI card that I bought to try radeonhd I can now run google earth for real, looks correct and works fine. I had one X11 server crash, but still that's great progress and I remember a time when the NVidia drivers on my 6200 (shared mem) would *not* do Google Earth.

And all it took was install Debian-testing and use the drivers shipped with it.

And I can upgrade the kernel without first having to worry about whether the new one will see the NVidia drivers compile, I don't have to recompile anything.

Originally Posted by kRogue View Post
Also, open sourcing the drivers is not probably going to be a solution. On all my boxes, the sound drivers are open source drivers, the sound daemon (Pulse audio) is open source, but still on my Dell box, the sound often stops working completely after an hour or so. Shoot sound is still screwed up on the Linux platform. Sound drivers and daemon are orders of magnitudes simpler than 3D graphics.
I use the sound on three rare-reboot Linux machines, one of them for a lot of recordings. I never had an issue with any of the cards/onboards involved there. They never forced me to reboot or unload/reload the module. I only use drivers in Linux/ kernels or occasionally I try a newer ALSA package for the recording machine (in futile attempts to get S/PDIF in working).

Furthermore, if I do reboot, let's say for kernel updates, the damn thing just continues working (using the same .config). That does not work with NVidia.

Overall I still think that it is reasonable to call for an upgrade of the "nv" driver to do at least low-performance 3D for things like Google Earth.

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