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Default SDV & Copy Freely (New HD Tuner Cards for Cable)

I'm pretty excited that this is in the works...

Before, you could only buy a PC with an SDV + Copy Freely. What this allows is you to record television that has been flagged "Copy freely". This essentially means HD DVR on the PC.

The law has changed, and now the add in cards can be sold separately and will work with Win 7. The cards should be available toward the beginning of the year. These files can then be converted, archived, streamed, etc. all in HD!

Note that the channel has to be flagged "Copy Freely" and not "Copy Once". I'm not sure about others, but Verizon TV is 100% copy freely currently (they are said to be making pay movie channels (ie. HBO) copy once toward the middle of next year. Each cable provider negotiates the flag with each channel, so your results may vary.

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