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Default Re: 2 installs of Win 7 x64?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Hmm...this is going to sound like a stretch, but, enterprise versions of windows are done with Multiple Activation Keys since they are typically done on a per site license rather than a per machine license.

Since ultimate is supposed to be essentially the same thing as enterprise, would the keys be the same as well?

I figure if this wasn't the case, it wouldn't have allowed him to activate his copy on more than one computer. At least, from what I understand, if you attempt to activate the same key twice on vista you'll have to phone in, and they ask you if you have two computers installed with the same key.

If you say yes, they tell you that its a one machine license blah blah have to remove the old copy blah blah. If you say no, they say "ok" and void the previous installation ID so the next time the other computer tries to e.g. go to windows update, it'll get the "this copy of windows is not genuine" nag.

Since this isn't happening to sazars computers, then I am curious if these copies of ultimate are done on a MAK type activation.
ultimate can only use retail or OEM licensing, no volume activation.

Retail key will allow you to activate few computers, but according to the license you only supposed to use one key per computer at any given time. reason why it works on few PCs, so if you upgrade or replace your computer you can still use the retail copy of win 7.

retail win7 ultimate keys are they only keys being given out by technet.
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