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Default Re: Blu-Ray\HD video recommendations?

I like PDVD 7.3 and 8 the best, 9 seems to be a little bloated. I have used TotalMedia Theatre 3 and I think it's horrible. The onboard ATI3200 worked the best for me with the drivers on the disk for XP. I was able to set the video memory to 256 in the bios. The system still was a little slow (I guess I got to use to my X3350 quad core) so that's when I dropped the HIS 4670 1GB card in there and walaaahhh smooth as butter. I disabled the onboard video/sound/serial/1394/NIC. I haven't rented any Blu-Ray's from netflix just dvd's, if the movie is really good then I will buy it on Blu-Ray.
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