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Default Re: nVidia gets an "F" for Linux support

Originally posted by puterguy

Over the past 6+ months,
-- I have repeatedly submitted bug reports to nVidia
-- I and many others have kept going a long running thread on this issue in which we have characterized the exact conditions causing the bug(
-- I have sent Andy Meechem multiple PMs asking him for some response on this issue.

Again, not only has nVidia not fixed the bug, they have not even acknowledged its existence or responded to any of the bug reports. Why does it take 6+ months to get even a simple reply such as "we know this is a problem and we are (or are not) going to be addressing it". Simple courtesy would indicate that such reports deserve at least a form letter response.
Maybe because people like you send multiple reports for the same bug and skew their priorities? They're probably busy fixing something else that a handful of other users submitted multiple times.

Edit: And please specify what kind of video causes the 'jaggies.' If it's DVDs, I often find 'jaggies' to be caused mostly by a player that's not in ultra dma mode.
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