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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

Originally Posted by uOpt View Post
What I want, and I am arrogant to say that many of us want that, is basic 3D acceleration
Originally Posted by uOpt View Post
, with low to medium performance, in an OpenSource driver for the NVidia cards.

I only use 3D for Google Earth, some visualization and maybe messing with Ogre or OpenScenegraph in applications that probably only need 10-20% of the performance my card offers.

The gamers who want current games will be stuck with binary drivers either way, but I'm not one of them.

I am even willing to pay for NVIdia hardware that is very fast and run it at medium performance. I just don't want to have to deal with the binary drivers anymore. The quality is dropping, there is no doubt, whether the developers deserve trashing or not (I say not, but that doesn't change the situation). It is a huge hassle to move kernels back and forth and it creates very unfortunate cross-constraints with the VMware kernel modules.
Why don't you guys just move to windows, It's just so much less stress. We have had hardware acceleration for ages

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