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Default Trapped pointer when using "Separate X screen"

I'm trying to configure a new monitor (acer X233H 1290x1080) on my Dell XPS1330 laptop (GeForce 8400M GS 1280x800) with ubuntu 9.04, using them in "Separate X screen" mode.

If I configure the external monitor as the primary one, every thing goes right, but I want to use the laptop screen as primary (I want to see the login screen on the laptop).
When I set the laptop screen as the primary, if I pass the mouse pointer to the external monitor, I cant go back to the laptop ones, but all the programs opens in the laptop screen.

I have upgraded the driver to version 185.18.36 and erased compiz from de laptop.

Have you any posible solution.
Thank's in advance and please forgive my poor English
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