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Default Re: Apple 24" LED Cinema Display doesn't work with GT 120 in a Mac Pro under Linux

The 190.32 beta driver refuses to attempt 1920x1200 because "Mode exceeds available DisplayPort bandwidth." (You can see this if you set option "ModeDebug" "on".) If you set option "ModeValidation" "NoDisplayPortBandwidthCheck" to kill the bandwidth check, the squigglies return. I got an EDID readout from a Mac OS utility, and it matches what Xorg.0.log says that the linux driver is attempting to do. (So no, doing clever ModeLine tricks doesn't help.)

I still have a few things to try, but at the moment it appears that the linux driver is just a raging POS. Obviously the hardware can do the job, because the Mac and Winders drivers work just fine. Shame on you nVidia!
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