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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
I have a level 18 Glad and I have run out of quests! Well, not really, I have a bunch of group quests in Black Claw area (Asmodian). You can't solo there, tough mofo's there.

Not sure how I am going to get 1.5 levels out of 4-5 group quests.
Oh yes you will. You will almost certainly not finish all of the quests in one run, but each run you will get maybe 40% of a level just from killing the mobs, assuming everyone in your group is around your level. Then take a look at some of the quests, mainly the campaign quests, and you'll notice you get a TON of xp just from completing them. I think one nets you like 140k experience or something. I think I was 50% to level 21 by the time I was done with all those.
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