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Default Re: If nvidia is so confident in there card

You know I used to be like you guys, wanting the best and greatest but then I got tired of watching my bank account dwindle when I spent $400+ on a new video card every three to six months.

I'm planning on waiting and who ever has the best price/performance ratio gets my money. Right now that's ATI. The 5850 looks real nice for it's price and by the time the GT300 comes out the 5870 may even go down to combat NVIDIA. In these time's it all about how much performance I can get for less cash. I highly doubt that NVIDIA's card won't be the fastest but at what cost? Will it be priced around $300 like the 5870 or will it be more like $450? Time will tell and that will make all the difference to me.

And C++ and Cuda mean nothing to me seeing as most games are programmed for consoles first we hardly see these new features being used in games. DX10 never really took off and I doubt DX11 or any of these other features will any time soon either.
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