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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

After spending a day and half trying to install an ATI driver on linux and still having crap performance I can really see how much better NVidia drivers are. At least the .run file can be run and installs the driver and I can play ETQW and Quake4, the ATI machine couldn't even manage QuakeLive ( and I know the hardware can because the machine used to run Windows XP and ran QuakeLive fine ). Plus with NV fullscreen video is silky smooth even with compositing turned on but on ATI fullscreen video is just watchable, without compositing on.

So I say keep at it guys, I know there are fewer of you than on the Windows team.

Now please can you make Xorg + KDE + composite work a little better. ie no random black lines appearing ( they go if I switch desktops back and forth ) they don't appear that often but just enough to annoy me a little
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