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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by Son Goku View Post
Grab a mod with coords, and visit


and search the quests. Most posts will include the x,y coordinates you want for this or that. Then just go to that location.

There are a few areas where a paly can have a bit of a harder time, though they are rather survivable. In TBC days, the dailies for nethwing was one area where certain palies needed me to come on my hunter, or someone else with range pull ability; but this was due more to class specific limitations. One of the dailies was to blast dragon riders out of the air (and they just never really came in close enough to be meleed without pulling first); and the other was a quest near either the scryer or aldor camp, dealing again with flying mobs. Most melee classes have something for range (war or rogue a bow or gun for instnace, or thrown weap slot; a feral druid or enh shamy can spell caste, etc). Palies can release a judgement, but the range is rather limited.

The other touchy situation I ran into back when I played a paly (which was back in 2006); was humanoid encamptents where one just couldn't get close enough to get in melee agro range, without one's agro radius pulling the whole camp. Having some ability to grab mobs at range, even if one is ultimately melee; just seemed more natural to me, then trying to bubel and heal through a camp of 20+ mobs, etc; which otherwise could be single target kited away from the group.

Oh, and watch for the bad PuGs After a night which included a haphazzard loss in WG, because the ali have trouble understanding PvP; I went over to my horde realm; and got something just as painful with a Gruul's wipe, which I was to find out afterwards had been wiping on high king maulgore 2 hours before I even came. I was on a hunter, so asked who was mis-directing to who? No answer. Also was wondering who would range tank the shamy add (well 2, due to the sheep), and no answer. Instead they had the mobs all lumped up together, the mage add just fire blasted everyone, the 2 locks did nothing on the fel hunters who just mobed all the DPS; and the top healer became disgusted and left. This was after someone pulled Mulgore before the healers were in the instance yet Tried to explain things such as needing to nuke the healer first, and it all fell on deaf ears

After that, and the number of 80s who could wipe on ZG (as they don't quite understand the reason behind nuking the 2 priests and the tiger boss together); I just have to link something on PuG raids

Yeah, it took quite a few AQ40 PuGs to get the achievement... I've seen 80s chain wipe on it while thinking anything classic can't have any challenges in it where strat should matter.

Oh and then there's the classic
There's hand of reckoning and exorcism now,both have a 30 yard range.Hand of reckoning will pull mobs and it will also damage mobs that's not yet attacking you.Exorcism always crits vs undead and demons and also works in PVP ,hand of reckoning doesn't work vs players.
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