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Default Geforce 6800 LE / nvidia 185.18.36-1 and artefacts - need help

Hello everybody,

First exuse me if that point was already solved in a topic I didn't found yet. Few points of my configuration :
- Geforce 6800 LE
- Kernel 2.6.30 on Archlinux
- Nvidia drivers 185.18.36
- Xorg-server
- Xorg 7.4

My graphic card was well supported before but since I updated to the new drivers I have huge artefacts on screen and unstability (flickers a lot on demanding apps). A picture is better than a thousand words so see here :
My xorg didn't changed but you can also see it here :
I also tried with nvidia-beta drivers (190.) but results is currently the same.

I really need help because I didn't find any solution yet or even the causes to these artefacts. All advices are consequently welcome. Let me know if you need some more informations on my configuration.

Thanks a lot for your help,

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