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Unhappy Compiz 100% CPU with 190.36

Today I updated my Kernel to the most recent 2.6.31-r1 for my distribution (Gentoo) and was forced to update the Nvidia driver as well. (185.18.14 would not compile - 185.18.36 is not available in Gentoo and I need the mobile GPU fix)

So I installed 190.36

Now my system freezes on a lot of actions for about 2 sec. with compiz taking 100% CPU load. Especially QT applications (Amarok, VLC) seam to cause that problem but some GTK applications as well. (Pidgin).
Opera + Flash on any page is absolutely unusable and the whole system renders more like a slide show

I have tried the "Fore synchronization between X and GLX" flag in compiz without any noticeable improvement.

Maybe someone can point me to a workaround until a new driver and/or a compiz patch
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