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> Maybe because people like you send multiple reports for the same bug
> and skew their priorities? They're probably busy fixing something else
> that a handful of other users submitted multiple times.

If you took the time to *read* the relevant thread, you would see that multiple users are affected. Also, if a bug is not even acknowledge over the course of 10 months, I hardly think it is unreasonable to re-submit the request in the hopes that maybe someone would finally wake up over at nVidia. Believe me, if I had received even a one line response saying, we received your request and are looking into it based on prioritization, then there would be no need to resubmit.

> Edit: And please specify what kind of video causes the 'jaggies.' If it's
> DVDs, I often find 'jaggies' to be caused mostly by a player that's not
> in ultra dma mode.

Perhaps next time, you will have the courtesy to actuall *read* the thread rather than reflexively spouting off. The thread starts off with a link to the well-documented problem ( Also, as *clearly* documented in the thread, the problem affects mulitple video formats played off of any media (e.g., hard-drive, DVD). BTW, why are you more interested in slavishly defending nVidia rather than in responding to the issues documented here?
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