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Default Re: What's the ideal way to get HD video from my DirecTV box to my PC?

Originally Posted by Stoneyguy View Post
I'm using the HR-21 model. Is the content on the HDD in this model encrypted as well?

Thanks for the link Ancient. Seems like the quality of that product is in question though
Ya, a lot of the NewEggers are complaining about the build quality. It's a shame that they finally come out with a functional product and then make it cheap. Right now it's the only game in town though, unfortunately. For a while DirecTV was making a card for the PC that would have allowed us to integrate DirecTV into Media Center. For some reason they dropped those plans suddenly. Wasn't happy about that.

The content on the HR-21 is encrypted. afaik, nobody has figured out how to get past it and pull content yet.

I like my DirecTV but if they don't come up with something to compete with CableCARD tuners I'll be going back to cable once Centon comes out with their tuner.
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