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Originally Posted by t3hl33td4rg0n View Post
I've been playing the last 5 hours or so and this game is already one of my top RPG's... PB took everything great about the Gothic series and gave it a facelift. The gameplay and atmosphere are great, graphics are very good, overall its a very solid RPG. The whole time, I havent encountered any problems at all, which for PB says alot lol. Oh I should mention, the difficulty of the game is formidable - its actually hard!

Honestly, Jowood can **** off. Even though they took gothic away from PB, they still havent fixed G3, then release an expansion to a broken game (some ****ty developer in India) that made the whole thing even worse!
The community patch 1.73 for Gothic 3 is considered to be the final patch for Gothic 3 unless there is a need for a hotfix for it. With that said, Gothic 3 is finally the superb RPG it was meant to be. I have put in close to 30 hours and I probably not even 1/2 done with it. I just thought I would mention thisto the people that gave up on it a long time ago and are enjoying Risen. I can't wait to play this new game but I am in no rush!
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