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Default Re: ASUS EAH5870 - "Unofficial" Review In The Works

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
Those temps with Furmark are impressive! Would you mind giving me the options you used when running Furmark? I'll post my temps with air-cooling, which will obviously be higher, in this thread.
Sure Mike,
I ran it windowed so I could keep an eye on the temps.

Stability test, unchecked full screen, 1280x1024, 2xAA. I just let it run a few mins. I had CCC overdrive opened and 2 instances of GPU-Z to track all the temps. Also, my core was at 900mhz. Ram still stock.

Its funny, there is nothing fancy there just some ram sinks, mosfet sinks and the D-Tek Fuzion GFX 2 block. I had everything so I didnt need to spend anything more to watercool it.
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