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Default Re: If nvidia is so confident in there card

Originally Posted by UberRN69 View Post
I've always belonged in that same catagory. This time around I'm going to try and hold off for 6-7 months after the cards come out. The price always drops quite a bit, plus you start seeing non-reference designs with better/quieter cooling solutions.

I loved my HD4870 (I still prefer NVIDIA's AA implementation more though), but the reference HS/Fan sucked A$$.

I wouldn't mind going with another NVIDIA part, but I'll hold off to see how the price wars settle out.
Totally agree, I have a ATI 4870 right now and I love it. I bought it because of the price at the time. If NVIDIA can give me a similar offering to the 5870 or 5850 with prices around what ATIs are right now I'd buy it. I just can't justify $500 for a video card every six months. I really don't care which card I would get, I have no fanboyism to ATI or NVIDIA I just buy what is the best performance for the best price.
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