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Default Current status of 8xxx / 9xxx support

Hello Forum,

I have tried the search function, but I wasn't able to find anything conclusive about the current state of affairs with respect to the 8xxx / 9xxx series support under Linux.

I have my 7900GS and it's actually good enough for me. However, I'd like to play around with CUDA, and for that I'd need a 8xxx / 9xxx card, which are very cheap now (used).

If I were to replace my 7900GS with, say, 8800GTS, would that be a smart move considering the 2D performance / stability of the drivers, or would I regret it?

I gather, the 2xx series does not suffer from the same problems as the 8xxx / 9xxx series does (did)? There don't seem to be any postings regarding problems, which is kind of strange - 250 is a re-branded 9800GTX, therefore it should have the same driver issues.
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