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Default Re: VDPAU and studio levels (16-235) possible?

I started having real problems with the PC levels. My receiver upconverts analog sources to video level RGB. My Blu-ray player gives best image quality with video RGB. I would like to use video RGB for my HD DVD player too.

To have everything connected to my receiver and only one HDMI going from receiver to monitor I had to start patching. Attached is a patch for MPlayer's VDPAU video output.

I've added a parameter "studio" to switch to video level output. PC levels are used by default.

There was no support for BT.709, so HD colors were always a bit wrong. I've added simple auto detection based on video resolution and parameter "colorspace" to choose manually. The improvement is easy to see in skin tones.

Image eq controls do not work with studio levels. I was concerned about getting the colors right, so I left the eq out of the conversion matrix. Anyone more knowledgeable - feel free to put them back in.

The code should be easy to add to OpenGL output too, as I borrowed the CSC matrix building code from there and just modified it to support different colorspaces and levels.

Now I just need something like this for MythTV too..
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