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Default NVIDIA drivers change HDA config, use HDA-VERB to restore

Thanks to hda-emu while the kernel is compiling I discovered that to obtain

Node 0x02 [Audio Output] wcaps 0x6211: 8-Channels Digital
Converter: stream=0, channel=0
Digital: Enabled
we can use against the node 0x02 the verb 0x70d with param 0x1

set_digi_cvt_1 1
and to obtain

Node 0x03 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0x40738d: 8-Channels Digital Amp-Out CP
Pin-ctls: 0x40: OUT
we can use against the node 0x03 the verb 0x707 with param 0x40

set_pin_ctl 64
so the two commands would be

hda-verb 0x02 0x70d 0x01
hda-verb 0x03 0x707 0x40
I ran this with the simulator and everything works there. I am still waiting for the AppleTV to finish compiling the kernel with CONFIG_SND_HDA_HWDEP to allow me to change these on-the-fly and try it out.

Will report the results later.

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