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Default Re: Thin Blue Line - 6100 with FC9 & 1280x1024

Thank you Scar!!!!

I upgraded my desktop last year which was using Xubuntu 7.10 x86 using the Official Nvidia driver and found trying to install Xubuntu 8.10 x86 it didn't work beyond 800x600 no matter what I did. I had to downgrade to 8.04 using the Official Nvidia driver. Recently my computer needed an upgrade. I installed the Ubuntu 9.04 AMD64, used the settings "scar" provided for my Samsung 713N monitor and voila!!!! This is the 1st time since having this machine that I got a 1280x1024 not using the basic VESA or the official Nvidia driver. Much easier with his tweak. I had to adjust my screen to the left but lowering the resolution made everything look funny so I kept it at 75 Hz.

Thank you so much! Also before using the Official driver in Xubuntu 8.04 the screen saver would never shut the monitor down, no matter specifying "DPMS" in xorg.conf and/or in the screensaver settings. Now using the NV driver, DPMS mode works!

Thanks a million!!!!
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