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Default SD Composite and 720p HD Component clones with 1080p Desktop also = 3 displays

I am looking to setup a box with the following outputs:

1) Component 720p to a CRT 720p TV for HD Video (using vdpau)
2) Composite SD to a distribution Modulator / amp to SD TV's for downscaled replica of 1 (HD to SD) above (using vdpau)
3) VGA or DVI to 1080p LCD for Desktop

To be clear here 1) and 2) are intended to be video clones of each other all the time.

I figure I can get 1) and 3) using a PCIe 9500GT with 1M RAM using separate X sessions (from recollection).

It seems one can get either component or composite out of one card but not both from one card? (Unless one can get composite out of the adapter and component out of the DVI-I socket simultaneously?)

Assuming one card cannot do all 3 then 2) could come from a PCI 9400GT.

Looking thru the readme it seems I need to configure this as MultiGPU.

What is confusing is there is some suggestion that using MultiGPU means only one display per GPU, which may mean I need a PCIe and two PCI cards?

Some comment and clarification how I should proceed would be appreciated please.

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