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Default Re: VDPAU and studio levels (16-235) possible?

Originally Posted by LauriM View Post
Attached is a patch for MPlayer's VDPAU video output.
If you are interested in getting the patch into MPlayer svn:
* All patches go to mplayer-dev-eng. A few restrictions apply to this mailing-list (no top-posting, line length).
* We don't like forward declarations: Please move update_csc_matrix() up.
* From a quick look, colour spaces and studio are independent: So please send one patch first, then a second one after the first was applied.
* Changing default behaviour often is a reason for extra discussion. So I would suggest to make VDP_COLOR_STANDARD_ITUR_BT_601 the default, this may be changed in a subsequent patch.

Carl Eugen
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