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Default Re: SD Composite and 720p HD Component clones with 1080p Desktop also = 3 displays

My understanding of your posting is that your 9500 has three
video outputs? To my knowledge, there can be only be two
outputs active at any time, because there are only two signal
generators and output scaling devices available on the card.
So even the third output would be a clone of one of the other two,
then in your case it would require a different signal and scaling
(720p vs composite). However, I'm not fully sure on this ...

As for using separate cards: the two cloned outputs need to
come from the same card, so 1)+2) would come from the 9400
and 3) from the 9500.

But instead of purchasing another card, you may consider
purchasing a Component signal-splitter and (if the second
TV doesn't has a Component input) a Component to
Composite converter. This equipment is very likely more
expensive than a 9400, but may save you a lot of headache,
depending on your actual application.


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