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Default FSX and GTX200 series cards.

Looking at throwing together a PC for FSX. I have a general gaming rig (C2D E8400, 4870, 4GB RAM, VISTA) but I want to build one for FSX.

Anyway, anyone here with GTX200 series using FSX?

On my 4870 with everything set to Ultra but clouds at minimum (weather at MediumLow) and 1680x1050 with AA and AF in game I am saticefied with getting 20 - 30fps with the game set to lock at 30 (or I get stutters) and using vSync. Most of the time I am locked at 30. Super crazy places like Honalulu can drop into the mid 20's but usually I am solid. I can fly through clouds without too much issue. Remember though I have weather set to Medium low.

That's until I change weather to heavy overcast. Thunderstorms and snowstorms are ok. I's just heavy cloud cover situations drop my framerates into the teens and if I pump up clouds at all? Then into the low low teens and horrible dips.

What are you experiences with GTX200 series with Mega overcasty clouds and weather set to Ultra? I know FSX is a little more nVidia freindly but I have no problem on my 4870. I am just concearned with this one situational thing. I like to use REAL WEATHER when it's really overcast in my area and I am looking for something that will be smooth in that particular situation.

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