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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Dear JaXXoN,

I'm having trouble with my TH2Go too, like many others it appears. I'm using XP Pro and a 8800 GTS card with 3 20"ACER V203Wabd monitors. According to the Matrox Compatibility tool my system should be able to run the highest resolution. However When using 5040x1050 the bottom part and the right part of the window disappear. ACER support claims that it is due to the fact that my screens do not support 57Hz (which in their opinion is a rather unusual frequency for digital). And they "blame" Matrox. Matrox on the other hand points to my graphics card and the drivers. So everyone is pointing to another.

I've come across this site and this thread and wonder if you could help me. Is there a possibility to get the resolution wanted or do I have to look out for other monitors (22"?) and if so, which??

I'm not exactly a pc wizzard so if it comes to altering files etc. please keep it idiot proof.

Best regards,

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