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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!


As you probably read, I had a similar problem with my V223Wbd LCDs,
but for me it was only the bottom part that disappeared because the
panel only recognized the video signal as 1680x1024. The spec of the
LCD says "Frequency (Horizontal/Vertical): 30-80KHz/55-75Hz", means
that the displays should work all the range from 55 to 75 Hz. However when
asking Acer support the reply was the the native resolution (1680x1050)
is only support at 60Hz. Anyway, even if the LCD would provide the
right timing parameters via EDID/I2C, as far as I can tell, the TH2G ignores
that and just generates it's own timing, which works for some LCDs but not
for others. However, it is possible to influence the TH2G output timing by
supplying a different input timing to the TH2G: when installing the matrox
tools on the PC, it also creates a custom resolution for the 5040x1050
setup - you can now try to play around with those timing values through
the nvidia configuration tool (check for the "custom resolutions" dialog,
please check earlier posts, above for details), i.e. for me I got the 26
missing pixels on the bottom back after increasing the value for "vertical
total" from 1066 to 1073.

Here's a pretty old but still up to date document detailing what
each of the timing value does and how to potentially fix problems
like the one you have:

Good luck!

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