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Default Re: SD Composite and 720p HD Component clones with 1080p Desktop also = 3 displays

Thank you for the helpful replies. I hadn't been thinking about getting the cloned video out of the same video card, however that makes sense and a second PCI would probably work well for the desktop.

I'll check out price and quality of component splitters and a component to composite converter.

Originally Posted by bwheaton View Post
There's a vague chance composite and component SD would come out of the same adaptor.
The NVIDIA Video Adapters unfortunately share the yellow composite socket with the
blue component lead, so they physically do not allow simultaneous outputs of composite and component.

However they also have a S-Video out, I am now wondering if one card might output component and S-Video simultaneously? I think its relatively easy to convert S-Video to Composite?

The DVI-I spec also has composite and component incorporated, however whether it is wired up I do not know, the manuals do not say TV out can be obtained from these, although if they comply with the spec and all the ducks line up then there is a chance I might get a second analogue output there?

Nothing I've seen suggests two analogue TV outputs are possible from one card. Perhaps it is?
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