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Default Re: Suggestion KDE 4.3 rendering speedup 190.36

You are totally right,
most of the options are out dated in the newer drivers. (But I keep on switching the driver versions often to older ones to keep on examine which settings / driver combinations leads to a better performance on the workspace.)

So the posting should have been the other way round:
I'm wondering why my system responding faster with the Xrender path of Kwin?

The opengl-part of nvidias drivers (at least in 3d) are impressive fast.
But the RenderAccel option seems to provide more speed to 2d rendering, than the millions of transistors available for opengl rendering?
At least, is there any gpu-acceleration in the combination of Xrender path with the RenderAccel option at all?

Quintessence of the posting is to encourage the people to share their experience
- with the options nvidia makes us community for testing available.
- In order to get rid of the KDE sluggishness.
- Additionally providing the nvidia programmers with testing feedback (in our own interest, since we deal with a closed driver, it's the only thing we can provide).

Slow 2d rendering is very annoying at daily work! Snappy like windos in safemode with 50% cpuload.

To support the (hopefully) hard working people at nvidia:

Would it not be a much more effective promotion for your linux market to provide such basic things and not to claim such more dispensable things like fancy video acceleration?
To the geezers in your publicity agency. “There are other topics to work on rather than the advertiseable slogans on the website. -More teammates and more free coffee and chocolate to support the linux driver programmers!”
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