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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by JWS View Post
I must say that the document you pointed out looks very technical at first glance. I don't know if I can understand that.
I added the link just as a reference in case you might be curious what the timing
values stand for when playing around with them. The document is in deed big,
but technically it's actually pretty simple: Assume you have an old CRT (like
an old TV). In order to build the picture, there's an electronic beam sweeping from
left to right in order to form a line of the frame and this is repeated from top
to bottom to build all lines. Now in order to tell when to start the next line or the
next frame, you need horizontal and vertical sync signals. So for example, you
might have the following timing values:

Horizontal active pixel: 1680
Horizontal sync start: 1784
Horizontal sync end: 1960
Horizontal total: 2240

Vertical active lines: 1050
Vertical sync start: 1053
Vertical sync end: 1059
Vertical Total: 1089

Pixel Clock: 146.25 MHz

sync start - active pixel = front porch (H:104, V:3)
sync end - sync start = sync width (H:176, V:6)
Horizontal Frequency = Pixel Clock / Horizontal total (65.3Khz)
Vertical Frequency = Pixel Clock / Horizontal total / Vertical Total (59.95 Hz)

So in your case, i'd first try to increase the value for "Vertical Total" in
order to hopefully fix the missing pixels on the bottom. Then you might
try to fix the pixels on the side by playing with the Horizontal front porch
and sync width. I wouldn't recommend changing the Horizontal total
because the TH2G doesn't like that (picture gets messed up).
You may also try to play with the pixel clock value (the higher, the better,
at least for the 5040x1050 mode of the TH2G).

good luck

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