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Unhappy Unable to get display w/ GeForce 8600 GT

Upgraded RedHat Linux v4 kernel to from When I did this my display stopped working -- can get very minimal Xwindows (800x600 max) w/ a few colors (VGA mode). Must run a 64 bit smp version of RedHat Linux. Cannot upgrade to Linux v.5. Tried reinstalling many Nvidia packages including x86_64-190. but none of them seem to work.

Went back and tried updating the old kernel which used to work but now it will only run in VGA mode too!

The only thing Xwindows will recognize is a basic VGA adaptor with 8MB. Presumably the GForce 8600 GT has more than 8 MB.

None of the critical software this server must run will work in basic VGA mode.

Any suggestion on how to get an Nvidia card to work with Linux?

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