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Default Re: Official Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Thread

Originally Posted by newparad1gm View Post
Does anyone know if the PC version will have coop? I read reviews of console versions stating one of the multiplayer modes is cooperative, but did the devs here pull a Ghostbusters and exclude the PC from this feature?

I also hope that the mission editor is as fully featured and easy to use as the Operation Flashpoint and ArmA mission editors. That was always my favorite part about the OpFlash/ArmA series.
Just Remember That the Name is the only thing Related to Operation FlashPoint:Cold War Crisis[Created By Bohemia Interactive/Published By Codmasters].

Codemasters did not have anything to do with Arma 1 or ArmA 2.

So the mission editor will most likely be nothing like the one Bohemia Created for OFP and the ArmA Games.

If You Want the awesome Editor get ArmA 2

Now i'm not saying this won't have a good editor,i'm just telling you,so you don't make the mistake of thinking this is the New Bohemia Quality Editor you've come to expect.

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