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Originally posted by puterguy
If you took the time to *read* the relevant thread, you would see that multiple users are affected.
Of course, but that doesn't mean that it's important enough to take priority over another bug. Especially when it's as trivial as something like what the original author described, when there are people whose machines are locking up or not even starting X.

His problem is not that important, and certainly not worth wasting the time of nVidia engineers who have to drudge through his multiple reports (And ignore them until a later date).

Originally posted by puterguy
Also, as *clearly* documented in the thread, the problem affects mulitple video formats played off of any media (e.g., hard-drive, DVD).
Maybe he needs to turn ultra dma on for his hard disk as well?

Originally posted by puterguy
BTW, why are you more interested in slavishly defending nVidia rather than in responding to the issues documented here?
1) I'd say that at least half the "bugs" reported here are user-error such as people not configuring X correctly (Hence why I put my XF86Config file in my signature).
2) I've used nVidia drivers version 12xx to 44xx for everything from an old TNT2U to a GeForce FX 5900 and it's always worked reliably when properly configured. I've also been testing nVidia drivers on countless motherboards, all sorts starting from the 440BX chipset.
3) I'm sick of people who think they're l33t and downplay nVidia's efforts when they're doing a damn fine job of creating a quality driver, especially people whose problems probably don't have anything to do with the video card driver.
4) I love Linux and think it can be a great OS for anyone, but when you opt out of professional installation you take responsibility to make sure everything is configured correctly before going off and reporting what you think is a bug.
5) You think nVidia's bad? Try reporting the next "bug" you find to the Mplayer team, or the Linux Kernel Mailing List for that matter.
6) Being a BIOS developer, I know there are tons and tons of bugs for nVidia to work around with things like APM and ACPI, especially when it comes to VIA chipsets which unfortunately are the best selling in the world.
7) The link to your "well documented bug" is broken.
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