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Default Re: Anyone tried Accelero XTREME GTX 280 cooler on GTX 260 55nm?

Originally Posted by shpuntik View Post
Thinking of getting a 3rd party VGA cooler for my BFG GTX 260 (216) 55nm card because it idles at 50C all the time without any overclock and load temps at 85C, my case is well ventilated as my CPU temps never got higher than 63C while prime95.
Has anyone tried Accelero XTREME GTX 280 cooler on a GTX 260 55nm card? I couldn't find anything on there website about 55nm cards.
Are there any other 3rd party VGA coolers supporting 55nm version of GTX 260?
Any input is appreciated!
I have the accelero xtreme gtx 280 installed on my 55nm evga gtx260 core216 there are instructions on the manufacturers website for two layouts of the 260

my idle temps are 37 deg C
load 46 deg C

the cooler itself is about an inch and a half longer I had to upgrade from a cooler master centurion 5 to a haf 922 there is loads of room now (almost three inches of clearance) and a little thicker but way more quiet at 100%

oh and thermalright makes a cooler for it as well Thermalright HR-03-GTX

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