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Default Re: Nvidia 190.36 - arch changed

Originally Posted by democles View Post
Thx for your quick reply,

I did a make mrproper but this action didn't solve the problem. I took a view at the indicated location in the Makefile and at line 210 tests are performed to verify the arch. By changing the /usr/src/linux/include/generated/kernel.arch content to x86 I was able to compile the nvidia-drivers. I don't understand where the i386 came from (working since the beginning with the provided make.conf settings).

I'll have to study the Makefile to find out why the kernel.arch was set to i386.
This is a problem with the ebuild; it changes a few things in the nvidia module Makefile
which break starting with 2.6.31++. The pristine nvidia makefile still works on recent
-git sources.
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