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Default Re: Official Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Agree 100% at this point. If BI had the same budget for ARMAII we would have something really special. ARMAII is awesome and truly a masterpiece and this OF2DR is a console rip off, sorry. I really enjoyed all of codemasters great CG trailers but as I checked things out and watched my first artillery strike come in and pop down I couldn't help but feel ripped off. I enjoyed watching the fireworks much more in GRAW1&2. Artillery like that coming in is allot louder and flashier, even COD did a better job on effects and sound. No moving while I'm picking what weapon to use next, really. It's also got that really bad liner mouse feeling. O well it's just another $40 bucks for me. I'm sure I'll play it a bit, MP had got to be more fun. Anyone thinking of getting this over ARMAII should have their head examined.
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