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Default Re: VDPAU and RGB Movies

Originally Posted by crisalide View Post
From :
#define VDP_CHROMA_TYPE_420
#define VDP_CHROMA_TYPE_422
#define VDP_CHROMA_TYPE_444

Also note that nvidia's decoders only support 4:2:0
Those are chroma sub-sampling types. Format, which is used in the same method, has values like:


I cant' find where it says they only do 4:2:0.

Maybe I can re-phrase my question.

I am a native English speaker and can operate a web browser (I have also heard of Google). I have read through the current VDPAU API documents as closely as I can. I notice that, although many methods refer primarily to YCbCr (which, being English, I refer to correctly in EBU terms as YUV), the possible formats also refer to RGB types. I notice there is a 4:4:4 chroma sub-sampling type, which of course can refer to RGB or YUV data.

So I wonder if, although the main VDPAU rendering path is YCbCr, there is anyone watching the list with *specific knowledge* of whether the VDPAU codecs, as implemented currently, will decode any color spaces other than YCbCr if requested. I understand that, in that case, I would probably only be able to get the raw pixel data back, not pass them through the whole VDPAU pipeline.

I have tried looking through MPEG, H.264 and WMV docs, but there's so much information I can be sure I wouldn't have missed it. For instance, I know that H.264 can support YCoCg, but that's rarely mentioned.

Thank you,

Bruce Wheaton
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