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Default BFG vs. EVGA

I've decided I'm gonna tempt fate and buy a GTX260/275 and do the step-up when the 300 series comes out. My question goes out to people who have had experience with the step-up processes of both companies.

Looking over their websites it looks like EVGA has the basic 260/216 for it's step-up (Don't want to spend the money on the 285) and as far as BFG's website it looks like you can pick just about any card and step-up.

I used to swear by BFG back in the geforce 4 days, but I've heard only good things about EVGA lately. I'm leaning BFG right now just because their step-up is 100 days, and if for whatever reason I don't get a gtx360 either for price or what not, I'll have a 275 and I'll be more satisfied with that.

Looking forward to getting opinions... thanks!
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