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Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
I'd go XFX over both right now. After having to RMA an EVGA 780i and my 9600GT this year I'm not too fond of them right now. Can't say one way or another about BFG right now though.

Oh yea and EVGA still hasn't gotten one ELP product to someone from Nvnews. (Unless someone had one and didn't talk about it.)
As to the RMA issue, the nice thing is that EVGA employees (Sales/Support/Jakup) read these forums. If you ever have a problem, pm one of us. While I was layed off by EVGA (I was in sales), it's still the best video card company around. While I don't work there anymore, I can "get things done" due to my contacts there. The RMA's and Step Ups normally run smooth, but as with any company, there can be problems. If there ever is, just let one of us know...

Please note that not all of the employees that read these forums, post here. They just look for CS issues with EVGA...So even if you don't contact someone, make a post about it and it will get taken care of. I know for a fact that the Director of Sales reads these forums...That is pretty damn cool!

EPL? Does any other company even have EPL? It would be favoritism to move people up on the EPL list just because they are on NVNEWS. EPL goes by when people sign up for a specific product, it's not EVGA's fault if NVNEWSERS where slower than others...

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